Jennifer Vazquez

Are You Comfortable With The Uncomfortable?

Happy Feel Good Friday Ya’ll! Yes, I am back to touch, move and inspire you to move forward in your life in an abundant, powerful and enlightened way! That’s my purpose for this entire facebook LIVE series. And today’s recap really gives perspective on how very important it is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  

You now, for the longest time, I have been someone who has always challenged myself to be a better person. I’ve always been a go-getter and a butterfly; loving to travel and never stay put. But, underneath all that, there was something inside me that was very uncomfortable with change, yet I still did it because I tend to be drawn to things I fear the most. That’s how I’ve lived my life. So, getting “Comfortable with the Uncomfortable” is something I’ve really learned to embrace. And I want to share some of this experience wth you so you too can start to embrace this tool. Join me… 

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So let’s say you are really uncomfortable with going up to people and introducing yourself to them. And while it seems like a pretty simple task, it’s not for you. Why is that? What’s the fear you have inside of you revolving around approaching someone or interacting with a new person? How about this? You could walk up to the person and introduce yourself to them and they could reject you, there could be dead silence, or they could possibly judge you and make you feel something you don’t want to feel. Or, maybe you’re an introvert at heart, and you’re natural tendency is to walk away from situations where you have to go up and talk to people. All this uncomfortableness around approaching someone can stop you from living a life you’re truly craving but afraid of what you would need to do to get there.

So how can you use this tool? Well first, you can turn your internal conversation around. You can use that tool I gave you a while back when I talked about each time I get on stage to perform, and how every situation is a new one for me, and how the adrenaline I am feeling that moment before the performance can be shifted instantly from fear into excitement. And I can have an amazing experience rather than one that can turn into quite the disaster. I can talk myself off the ledge every single time and create abundance in every area of my life this way.

So, this is what you do. You practice having internal conversations with yourself. For instance, with meeting someone new you can say, “Wow, this is gonna be fun! I get to meet someone I have never met before and who knows what great things can come from that. Rearranging the talks in our heads is where the power lies. Remember thoughts become things! And the great thing about all these tools I’m sharing with you is, they can be used like you were trying on clothes. One tool might work better for you then others. So try on each tool and see if it fits. And if it doesn’t quite fit yet, but you like, then, continue to use it until it does. It’s all about practice, patience and consistency. So try it on. If you don’t like it, you could put it back on the rack. give yourself an opportunity to try something new on.

And you know what? That’s the uncomfortableness in it all. You’ve never tried it on before. So when we get into the uncomfortableness and start to get comfortable in that feeling, life and every experience becomes pretty exciting. Having the courage to let go of people, places and things in our lives and allowing new experiences to rush on in.

Comfort: When I was in The Bronx, or I was in LA, I eventually got too comfortable. There are many times I found myself too comfortable in a relationship, where it was easier to stay put, then to pick up and do what really excited me and felt right. Kids eventually have to let go of that bottle, safety blanket or stuffed animal, right? The benefit kids have is they have someone telling them it’s time to let go. With adults, it’s our choice and our responsibility to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and not letting life pass us by because we fear being uncomfortable. Getting too comfortable can be a disaster zone. I’m sure you can relate to this.

So, what’s the reality? We always need to be changing. Change is growth. Growth means that you’re exploring from the inside out. Right? So we ask ourselves, “Why am I uncomfortable?” Play a game with yourself. Try something new on. Get through those 50 doors, one new experience at a time. Listen, you can’t be hurt or disappointed if you’re using the “attachment vs commitment” tool. Go back and revisit that tool if you need to.

As you practice all the tools, at your own pace, you will create the possibility of having an abundant and amazing life. It’s gonna happen cause you say it is. BUT, there’s gonna be lots of discomfort. That’s a no brainer cause it’s all new. You’re not doing the same thing over and over again, you’re forever experiencing new things. The unknown is “what’s up”. And when you get comfortable in the uncomfortable, you start to become enlightened and kinda stop caring what others are thinking. The enlightenment you will experience can be expressed in three words, “I don’t care.” When you continue to use the tools in your life, magical things start to happen that then become normal. Yup, you’ll start to embrace being uncomfortable because you know what is to come, well kinda!

Life is meant to be lived. By embracing tools, you get to have an incredible life. Walk through those 50 doors to get to 51 and find out what the prize is. Then say “thank you” to The Universe and keep on moving forward. Being uncomfortable is all part of the game. But if you don’t realize what the rules are, you’ll think something is wrong and won’t move forward. It’s all in how we shift our mindsets. So you could say, “I’m just gonna keep walking through the doors and not worry about the results. I know when I get to 51, the prize will be there.” You are not attached to anything. You are simply doing the work to get those doors opened to get to 51. When you practice this tool and start to get comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings you’re feeling, life will shift in a big way!

Get excited about it all. You get to open doors. You get to feel uncomfortable. You get to have fun. And you get to feel comfortable in al that uncomfortableness. “Not knowing” now truly excites me! It’s like, “What’s next? What are ya gonna throw at me today Universe.”

For a while it’s gonna be scary and it will make no sense, until it does. You’ll feel like there’s no clarity. Nothing makes sense. That’s gonna happen! That’s what happened when I moved to LA. That’s what happened the first day I street performed on Santa Monica. That’s what happened when I returned to NY. It’s what happened when I recently picked up my life and moved to Nashville. There was nothing comfortable about my situation. But I had to get through every part of that to get out of it. You can’t avoid it. You can’t deny it. You’ve gotta take responsibility for it. You gotta, cause no one else is gonna do it for you. And therefore you can choose to sit in it all, without judgment, in a calm place and let the answers unfold.

So, here’s what I’d like from you. I challenge you to use this tool this week, each day. Be aware of what you’re uncomfortable with and just sit in it and take action to experience the discomfort. Fee the fear and do it anyway.