Jennifer Vazquez

Are You Open To Receiving What Love’s Got To Give You?

Happy Labor Day and Happy Music Monday Ya’ll! Today’s about stepping away from Facebook LIVE and sharing what I do best; connecting to you with my heart and soul. How about I give you a special seat in the theater I released “Rediscovering Me” in, on May 11th, at The Duplex in NYC. The song I’m sharing is one that aligns the human heart with becoming willing to let love in when it spontaneously arrives. 

“New Deck of Cards” is a bitter sweet love song about looking at love in a different light; allowing love to take over and not try to overthink any of it. And, for once, just experience how beautiful love’s journey can be, if you’re not attached to the end result.

Hope you enjoy it! I wish for everyone to take hold of LOVE when it truly comes your way. 

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