Jennifer Vazquez

Blog #46: How About A FREE Song?

From The Blog Series… 365 Blogs To Finding Pinocchio A Home

Wow! August flew by so darn quickly. “Insane in the Membrane”… hehehe  Anyway, I have decided to give you my NEW Single for free for one more month! I have great news around this song, which I will be sharing soon enough… Until then….

Why am I giving you “Getting Out Of My Own Way”?

Watch and see from last month’s video! Enjoy…

Watcha waiting for? GRAB IT NOW and let me know what ya think. I’ll be awaiting your reply!

Oh, Pinocchio, I am so proud of ya. You are growing up so fast and I think very soon…. very soon indeed …. the perfect home is gonna sneak up right before your very eyes! Oh, and I also decided to give away your song too! If ya look towards the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll see what I mean. The more you give, the more you recieve….  Amen to that!