Jennifer Vazquez

Blog #51: What Are Your 2014 Goals?

From The Blog Series… 365 Blogs To Finding Pinocchio A Home

What are your 2014 Goals? Have you been thinking about them yet? Well, you know the best way to jump start your life is to do just that! For me, the most effective way to achieve my dreams has been setting exciting, challenging and tangible goals on a regular monthly basis and then watching myself make progress with these goals. If there is no PROGRESS, then there is no excitement, and then, of course, you’re gonna give up pretty quickly. And you know what, before ya know it, 2015 has come and you’re nowhere closer to your dreams then you were in 2014.

Now… I know, believe me I know, there’s always gonna be that little chatter box in your head giving you a million reasons NOT to follow your heart, and that’s ok! That’s all part of the PROCESS . That voice is just there to guide you immediately towards the other voice, THE ONE IN YOUR HEART that says, “Just pick up the pen and write. Write from your heart. Write from your gut.” And once you start to do that regularly, and that’s the key here, to make this PROCESS a healthy habit; once you do that, life opens it’s doors to you in ways you never could imagine possible! Yes, you will start to see your goals, little by little, being achieved! I have experienced this particulary over the past 8 months with my new duet, “Stilettos-n-Steel”. We keep setting goals, which we then reach 90% of them in that time span given and then we set more goals! It’s all in “Letting Go & Letting God”, so to speak, that drives the ship forward, rather than keeping it docked. If you set yourself up for success, it can come in. If you set yourself up for failure, then that’s what you’ll get.  And remember, success comes in many forms, not just money. Remember that along the journey!

So, let’s do this! The new year is quickly approaching. I have recently been putting together my 6 month and 1 year plan. Hey, I can’t ask you to write yours down if I haven’t done mine yet, right? So, I have narrowed my 1 year plan down to share with you. So, now you have no excuse.  If I can do it, so can you! We are all in this together. Let’s be a support team for each and every dream we can think up! If you can imagine it, your already 50% of the way there! Now all ya gotta do is get out a colorful piece of paper and your favorite pen, switch off the chatter box in your head and turn on your heart!

Here’s My Top Goals for 2014:

  • Say ” YES” to All Opportunities  
  • Be In The Best Shape Ever: Size 6 with a 6 pack
  • Build Solid Relationships with My Higher Power, Family & Friends 
  • Mentor & Be of Service to Others In Need 
  • Have My Inspirational Quote Book Completed & Published by Hay House 
  • Date Abundant, Amazing & Available Men
  • Be Debt Free  
  • Double My Salary
  • Write, Record, Press, Fundraise, Market, Promote & Get Press for “Stilettos-n-Steel” 1st EP  
  • Research, Book and Go On “Stilettos-n-Steel” 1st EP Tour!  
  • Go on Fun Weekly Adventures
  • Go on Two Fabulous Vacations
  • Move