Jennifer Vazquez


Journal #6: On My Mind…

At a young age I was exposed to other people’s thoughts, ideas and societal standards. That’s all I had, really. Some guided me and others, corrupted my mind and soul. While these thoughts, ideals and societal standards were not mine, I took hold of them as though they were. Three of them: “I’m not enough”, “There’s not enough”, “Everyone is your competition.” As I grew older, these thoughts, hidden deep within, created doubt in myself, the judgement of others and a false sense of lacking. Was there something wrong with me? Should I be further along? The thought of my being perfect, as is, and my being exactly where I am supposed to be couldn’t compute. Those three corrupting beliefs created resistance in me, corrupted me and left me in limbo, so to speak. Well, today, I stand here humble and grateful. I found new thoughts, new beliefs, to overwrite the old which has filled my life with joy, bliss and serenity. “I am more than enough”, “There is plenty to go around” and “Self-Love guides my financial abundance”.

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Journal #4: On My Mind…

When you start to see yourself as someone you just can’t possibly recognize… Congratulations! All the actions you took to overwrite those hindering limiting beliefs has started to shine through, and what you’re now experiencing is a new found you with new found limitless beliefs!

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Journal #3: On My Mind…

Every time I let go of worry and judgement around other’s agendas, purpose and plan, I give myself permission to fearlessly move forward on my journey and explore how truly abundant my life already is!

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