Jennifer Vazquez


A Creative Career Transformation Is Possible

Today, I’d like to reveal a side of myself I’ve not spoken of before. It’s a side of me that got stuck in the chaos, allowing it to sabotage my creative vision, over and over again. Sit back, relax and listen to this short podcast below where Bob Baker chats with me about the possibilities of a creative career transformation…

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Meet the inspirational singer/songwriter Jennifer Vazquez. Vazquez has always had a passion for music and also had the integrity and determination to chase her dreams. She possesses a beautiful voice, mind, and spirit…

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The TV Addict

The TV Addict interviews Nicole Gomez Fisher around “Sleeping with the Fishes” and Alexis Fish, played by Gina Rodriguez. Nicole Gomez Fisher says, “At the moment I’m in the middle of pre-production on two other projects; one being a music video for singer-songwriter Jennifer Vazquez whose song “Getting Out of My Own Way” is featured in FISHES…”.

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