Jennifer Vazquez


What’s Jen Got Going On In August!

Hey Ya’ll! July pretty much flew by and what a great flight it was. I am so very grateful for all the new experiences I am having here in Nashville. Let me get you up to speed with what’s been going on…

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What’s Jen Got Going On In July!

Hey Ya’ll! Wishing you a lovely 4th of July and a fantastic month ahead. We are so lucky to have the freedom to choose what makes us happy in our lives. I’ve chosen to use my time here to share my voice and music. That makes me smile! And on that note, quite a bit’s been going on, so let’s get ya up to speed…

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Jen’s New Album Is Coming… Official Release Date Announced!

Mark your calender! It’s been two years plus since I thought about getting back in the studio to record a new album. I am grateful to those of you here who donated to my Rockethub campaign back in 2015 which allowed me to start the recording process. The album was only supposed to be a 6 song EP, but somehow, it’s now become an entire album…

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It’s Official… Jen’s Moved To Nashville!

Yup! I just made the official move to Nashville two weeks ago. I am settling into my new place and slowly moving into the music community. So far, so good! The drive to Nashville was one I will never forget. I took three days to enjoy the ride there. While I’m looking forward to sharing more on the new record I’ve been working on and releasing in 2017, for now, I want to share some of the beauty I had the opportunity to experience. Life is ALL WORTH LIVING… A journey through time and space From NY to Nash…

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The Latest on Jennifer’s Upcoming Record…

Well, after two months of research, planning, location scouting and decision making, I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, a calm in my spirit and gratitude for yesterday’s incredible photoshoot with Chris Militzer 📸, and my hair and makeup gals Suzette Rodriguez & Christine Cirillo. A handful of random people have been aligning with me lately on my journey for this upcoming record I’m producing with Wren Lemieux and I couldn’t be more tickled pink by it all! Yes, one more item checked off ✔️ from the checklist of duties for this record that I’m so excited about! 💜

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