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Blog #5: I’d Rather Be Happy Than Right!

From The Blog Series… 365 Blogs To Finding Pinocchio A Home   Where should I begin?  I think I want to talk about this tendency I’ve had, pretty much my whole life, of putting my time and energy into having to be right, rather than putting that time and energy towards being happy.  It’s utterly exhausting and pointless!  How many times have you heard that statement?  “Do you wanna be right, or do you want to be happy?”  Well, I know what my answer is at this stage of the game.  I want to be happy, and being right is no longer an option for me. What has being right gotten me so far, anyway?  Let’s see… hmmm…. To be 100% honest, and this in very humbling and embarrassing to say, but I’ll say it because I want to get this point across clearly.  Being right has gotten me into unhealthy relationships over and over and over again.  It’s kept me oh so close to reaching my musical goals, but somehow oh so far away.  It’s kept my true heart hidden and my intellect strong.  It’s created a false sense of security and a warped sense of reality.  It’s[…]

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Blog #4: Security vs Freedom

Where Will Life Have Taken You By Your 20 Year Reunion? From The Blog Series… 365 Blogs To Finding Pinocchio A Home       The Big Twenty!  I went to mine this past weekend at The New Rochelle Raddison Hotel.  As I type this blog I am thinking to myself, “Should I include my personal life into these blogs?”  The answer is yes.  Absolutely!  Life is what makes art happen.  So yes, let’s talk about this experience for a moment, if you don’t mind.  The main thought that comes to my mind is: Choose freedom over security and watch life start to open up.  Now, this does not in any way mean to live life like a gypsy, which I admit, I had been doing for many years.  Yes, I had been living day to day, not taking into account anything but my career as a singer and songwriter, my desperation in wanting to “make it” in the industry.  That, by the way, has not allowed for me to have much of a balanced life.  It’s like I was stuck in the air on a seesaw for so many years with The Incredible Hulk, my ego, as my partner[…]

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Blog #3: Getting Out Of My Own Way

From The Blog Series… 365 Blogs To Finding Pinocchio A Home     Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to obtain 100% of the energy and courage you need to spend every day of your life doing what needs to be done to achieve what is authentically meant to be?  How amazing would it be to live life to your full potential and have nothing stop you?  Wouldn’t that be something?  I want that!  What do I do to get that part of me to be consistent in achieving this current goal and every other one thereafter?  That is the question I ask right now as I write Blog # 3. The past few days I have been working on a number of tasks to getting Pinocchio a home.

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Blog #2: I Wonder… Does This Fear Ever Subside?

From The Blog Series… 365 Blogs To Finding Pinocchio A Home   I am letting you know from the very birth of this blog series that there is this voice inside of me that desperately wants to believe that I am wasting my time doing what I love most, music.  It’s telling me that no matter what effort and energy I put towards writing, singing and creating music, it will never be enough, so I can forget about ever doing it full time! I hear this voice so loudly in my head sometimes that I start to panic.  I want to introduce this voice to you now so that you can get a clear picture of my experiences along this journey, both internal and external. So, the past day has been focused on me pausing and breathing, rather than jumping right into a full list of actions that will lead me toward getting my music out there on a larger scale.  I have been reconnecting with the idea that I do not control anything in my life no matter how much I want to believe I do.  My ego would make me believe I was a superhero if I[…]

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Blog #1:Who Knows What Will Happen!

The first blog of… 365 Blogs To Finding Pinocchio A Home                      Who knows what will happen!  I am here to figure it all out as I go and share every step of it with you.  So what made me think of this title?  Well, I have a song called, Pinocchio, and in many ways this title connects to the driving force in me right now.  This will all come out as the blogs continue.  For now, let me just say that I am a singer, a songwriter and a guitarist who has a very solid purpose, to be of service to others through writing, singing and playing music. I love music!  I love listening to it, I love singing to it, but most of all, I love creating it.  There is no better sensation then when I sit down to create something and have no clue what will come out and then realize a few hours have passed and I am left with this new birth of a song.  It is pure inspiration that does this.  It always finds it’s way gently inside my mind, my body and my[…]

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New Blogs, A Video & A Day With Kenton Magazine!

Photography By: Hani Matkovic Thank You For Stopping By! As a token of my appreciation, I am giving you a free download every month.  For October, I am showcasing the song, Miranda, from my album, “Bend”.  This song was inspired after finding out that people lie and it’s just a fact.  Our job is to grow wiser and share our experiences with others to allow them to be aware of those not so truthful people out there.  Type “FreeSong” into the box on the upper right hand side where it says: Promo Code.  You will be asked to fill in your name and info so the song can be emailed to you! Journal  October 13, 2011 I am very excited to announce the beginning of my new blog, “365 Blogs To Finding Pinocchio A Home”, starting Monday, October 17th.  My newsletter just went up at  Jennifer Vazquez October News, so you can read all about what’s going on and learn more about this blog.  The blog will appear on the home page, this page of my website, so you’ll always be able to come back here to read it. Ok, that’s that for now! October 5, 2011 Hola!  October just[…]

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