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Photography By: Hani Matkovic Thank You For Stopping By! As a token of my appreciation, I am giving you a free download every month.  For October, I am showcasing the song, Miranda, from my album, “Bend”.  This song was inspired after finding out that people lie and it’s just a fact.  Our job is to grow wiser and share our experiences with others to allow them to be aware of those not so truthful people out there.  Type “FreeSong” into the box on the upper right hand side where it says: Promo Code.  You will be asked to fill in your name and info so the song can be emailed to you! Journal  October 13, 2011 I am very excited to announce the beginning of my new blog, “365 Blogs To Finding Pinocchio A Home”, starting Monday, October 17th.  My newsletter just went up at  Jennifer Vazquez October News, so you can read all about what’s going on and learn more about this blog.  The blog will appear on the home page, this page of my website, so you’ll always be able to come back here to read it. Ok, that’s that for now! October 5, 2011 Hola!  October just[…]

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