Jennifer Vazquez

Does Your Life Need Decluttering?

Happy  Monday Ya’ll! I’m super excited to re-share this Facebook LIVE chat with you today. If you are feeling a bit unfocused or unclear in your life; this one’s for you. Let’s chat about decluttering, shall we… 

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The Professional Is:

Declutter your home… Declutter your life!

  • Make a decision that you are willing to get rid of things you’ve had for a while and set a date for the first session.
  • Invite a friend over to make it fun and to get some support.
  • Depending on how much clutter, have garbage bags or boxes ready. Have one pile be for trash and the other for “Good Will”.
  • Start with the hardest room in your house. Getting through the hardest task first makes the rest of the journey seem brighter.
  • Rule of thumb. Have I touched, used, worn this item in the last 6 months? If no, get rid of it. Of course, I am not taking about old photos, paper work for taxes etc.
  • Put a timer on. Two hours to start. Take a break. Set the timer again.
  • Continue to do this room by room.
  • Congrats! You did it! You’re gonna feel so much better. Repeat this two a year to keep clutter out of your life.