Jennifer Vazquez

Five Tools To Keep You Focused On Your Vision

Happy Wishlist Wednesday Ya’ll! So, all these chats are about empowering you to live an abundant, joyous and stress free life. They are also to give you tools to help you through this journey on the challenging days. The tools I am sharing will give you want you need, if you choose to take on what I am throwing at you.

So, in last Wednesday’s Facebook LIVE recap, I spoke about how to map out your vision, working backwards. Well, today I’m giving you five tools to keep you focused on your vision. Join me…

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Five Tools To Keep You Focused On Your Vision:

Feed the “Right Voice”: What’s going on inside that head of yours? There’s chatter and then there’s that nurturing voice. So we gotta pay attention and start to chose the right voice.

Wrong Voice: I’m not ready. I’m not good enough. I’m too tired. Does anyone really care
what I have to say?

Start hearing this conversation; don’t judge it. Just start to notice it.

Right Voice: I’m willing to see where this journey’s gonna take me.
I have so much to offer others. People want to support me and my vision.

So, first you’re gonna change the conversation in your head. Then, you can start to change the conversation outside. Rather than talking about people, walk away from them or shift the conversation to an active one rather than a passive one. When we talk about people it’s to give ourselves a way out of speeding time on our own vision. It gives us an excuse to avoid what we really want to do. It gives you permission to avoid your bigger purpose in life.

When you begin to hear both voices, and not think they are you, you can start to choose
who to listen to. The conversation become active and you have the power. Shifting the way you think allows your day to day conversation to become filled with abundance.

2. Make Room For Your Daily Tasks and Vision: With my job, I get up at 4am on some days and I have to make the most of my time afterwards, as I pursue a full-time career as a songwriter. We must stay focused so not give ourself an excuse to brush away the tasks because we are tired.

I practice accepting that I gotta do what I gotta do to get to where I wanna go. I find space and time during the week and map it out. You can start in small increments throughout your days and weeks.

3. Four Hour Increments: Mapping it out ahead of time, week by week, works best for me. Even if it’s an hour, map out spaces in your week that you can give yourself time and space to work on your vision. And in the beginning, it might be one day or one hour. But you gotta start somewhere. You gotta empower yourself, and know, that what you’re doing means something. And the only way to do that is to actually do it and be your word and live into integrity with your vision.

Be patient with yourself. It’s gonna take time. For me, I’m willing to put in the hours, on top of the hours I spend working at my job. And that means compromise. But I’m willing to do it cause I know what my purpose is, and I know this is what I am meant to do. I choose 4 hour increments (time slots) a few times a week.

Do what feels right for you. I’ll mix it up with music and music business. Set the timer and sit there and do work on your vision. And as for social media, I am on it 6 days a week. That’s what it takes. We are running a business. Again, be patient. Don’t give yourself an excuse to fail. If you can only do an hour, do an hour.

4. Find Yourself A Support Team: (IE: Community, Support Group, Person You Confide In.) The most important thing to remember is to find people who won’t judge you. You can’t have judgement from others when you’re in your vision. You need the utmost support when you’re working your vision. And most of that support comes from within. Yes, you gotta believe in yourself, fully. It’s a “fake it till you make it” kinda game that you will play with yourself. But you need that support team to help you get through those days when things feel like they are falling apart and quite overwhelming. Having that support team in place will keep you on track, and staying the course is key. This task you’ve taken on is a courageous one; few will take on the challenge, even though everyone of us has the potential. It takes a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of sacrifice. But if you want it, then you’ll do it. So, you need that support team!

5. Remove The Words “Can’t” and “Try” and Replace it With “Tell Me More” and Either “Yes” or “No”

The reason this is key is because the more decisive you become, the more direct your vision will come through. There’s something inside your brain that shuts down as soon as you say “I Can’t.” I’ve talked about The Universe and The Law Of Order and how if you speak something out, then The Universe is gonna give you what you ask for, so you gotta watch your words. So if I say “I can’t”, then The Universe says, “Oh, Jen said she can’t, so I guess I can’t give her what I wanted to give her.” I use this simple language cause, for me, it works. I like understanding things in a clear, dumbed down ways.

So again, by removing those words, you are allowing The Universe to give you more of what you need at, a consistent pace. So when you say “can’t”, something inside your body; I’m telling you this is what happens, it’s an internal process, your body shuts down; it gives up. Now, on the other hand, if you say, “Huh, tell me more about this situation…”, The Universe says, “Ok, Jen, will do!” So keep your door open and ask more questions if you need to before you squash a great opportunity. 

It’s like when you’re offered a job. You’re gonna ask certain things to see if it’s right for you. What do I need to know. What’s the pay rate? What does the job entail? Where is it located? etc. So instead of saying “I can’t” say, “Tell me more.” The more information you get, you can stop yourself from saying can’t and you can change it to say, “Huh, yes I can do that, “ or “No, that won’t work for me.” So the words, Yes and No, become really powerful when you remove “can’t”, and ask, “Tell me more,” and then give them an answer.

I’ve also learned to never make a decision on the spot. I give myself a 24 to 48 hours window to make the decision. It’s empowering to get to choose Yes or No from the information you receive from asking what you need to know. And this is the way you become a professional and move away from being an amateur. The professional shifts how they think and how they respond to things. Stop reacting, stop pointing the finger and start taking responsibility for what it is your doing in your life and what you’re meant to be doing in your life; doing whatever it is that’s going to empower you and others. I believe everyone is here for a purpose, to inspire and empower someone in some way. And that’s what Wishlist Wednesday is about. To start taking your vision seriously but make it fun.

Last thing to be said is to be patient and loving with your thoughts and with your process. It’s taken me a long time to get all this that I’m sharing. But I can speaks about it all now because I get it, and I now use all these tools I share with you on a daily basis. Everything that I am saying is a process, and as long as you choose to accept that everything is a process, you won’t beat yourself up during the hard days. So keep allowing yourself to choose what’s best for you. Ask the right questions that allow you to make a decision in your life to clear a path for your vision to move forward. Because your vision deserves to breathe. Just like you deserve to breathe!