Jennifer Vazquez

Have You Ever Created A Vision Board?

Happy Wishlist Wednesday Ya’ll! Today’s re-cap chat is another one of my favorite Facebook LIVE’s! Have you ever created a vision board? Well, if you have, maybe it’s time to update it! And if you haven’t, well, you’re in for a treat. Let me show you how. Join me!

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You know… It’s up to you to allow abundance and newness into your life. The power of thought creates the ball rolling. Putting that thought to paper gives The Universe the go ahead to start the process.

The thing that’s kinda hard to wrap the mind around is that what you ask for you will receive if you believe it, intend it and feel it fully as if it’s already happened. Once you start practicing this new way of being; to think the thoughts of how your want to life to be, and start visualizing what that looks like, without being attached to the results, you will get exactly what you ask for. It might however look a little different. But, the bottom line is, you must let The Universe take care of the results and you must show The Universe you’re ready to receive the abundance.

One way to do this is to create a vision board. Or, in my case, a vision bag…

Here’s How To Create a Vision Board:

  • Collect magazines that you have around the house. If you haven’t decluttered yet, here’s the perfect opportunity to grab those magazines, newspapers etc that need to go bye bye and before ya throw them away, make use of them. You can also go out and buy 5 to 6 magazines that range from travel to music to health and fitness and anything else you enjoy reading.
  • Get a large piece of oaktag, a bag, or something that you can make a collage with. 
  • Set a time to have a “Date with Yourself”. Yes, you will plan a date for you and your vision to hang out.
  • Set the magazines out. Go through each magazine and don’t think. Just look through them and cut out anything that aligns with your vision. Again, health and fitness, spirituality, travel, romance, career, etc. Pictures, words, phrases that inspire and excite you. Let yourself dream a little.
  • Once you’ve gone through all the magazines, tidy up and get ready for PART TWO!
  • Get tape or a glue stick. Again, don’t think. Just act. Start placing the pictures and phrases and words on the board. It’s funny how the mind will actually create something pretty awesome if you just allow your brain to rest and heart to open.
  • Once you fill up the board, and you may not use all of the pictures you’ve cut out, but what you do put on the board will all make sense once you look back at it as a whole.
  • Have fun and watch how the vision board begins to come into fruition in your life! What happens when you create this board? It gives your body a chance to play and to dream up a wish list. And the great thing is, when you map something out, somehow, things start happening that align with what you created. Again, it might not look like what you mapped out 100%. Most of time… it’s a lot better.