Jennifer Vazquez

How Can You Release Negative Energy?

I’ve recently started these chats on facebook LIVE and I’m finding it helpful to share them here on my journal page to give you tools to help guide you to live an abundant life. Today I’m sharing a chat I had dealing with how to release negative energy…

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How do you release negative energy that’s being shoved in your face?
You have a choice whether to accept that “gift” or give it back. Other people are dealing
with their own issues and you may be crossing their path when that issue is full blown. It
doesn’t give them the right to penetrate that energy onto you, bit it happens. So how do
you move through it and get back on track in your day?

  1. Breathe. That will allow you to not react to the person’s negative behavior.
  2. Pray for that person. Everyone is dealing with their own issues daily.
  3. Be kind to the next person you see. We can take the next right action rather than react which is never a good thing…