Jennifer Vazquez

How Do You Do What You Love Consistently?

I wanted to share some insight I’ve found over the years as I’ve pursued my music and songwriting career. I hope it will inspire any of you who are on the fence of pursuing your vision, but need a little push.

When you choose to persue what you love, the inner critic will race in and try to distract you in EVERY WAY. It wants to stop you, it wants you to doubt yourself, it wants you to say, “I can’t”. The journey will start like this… “I’m so excited to write my book, record my album, make my film. It will bring me so much joy. It will touch so many people, plus it will bring a smile to my face. It will be able to feed my pocket and my soul. This is exciting.”

And then… as you open that empty notebook, pick up that guitar, sit at that piano or plot out you first scene, the critic comes in. And that tends to look like this… “I think I’ll grab a bite to eat before I start writing… Hmmm… Let me check facebook, twitter, instagram and see what’s up…. Hmmm. I wonder how so and so has so many followers. How will I be able to promote and make money from my book, music, film? How will I be able to work two jobs and do my passion? What’s the point, really? Hmmm… I’m a little tired. I think I’ll take a nap and figure this out later…”

Cut to… two days pass and you haven’t returned to your vision… a week goes by and the vision gets fuzzy… a month… a year… and so on and so on and so on… and you’re scratching your head wondering how you’re at the same job you hate and start blame others for your unhappiness.

That inner critic will tug at you. That’s it’s job! And it’s your job to be courageous and feel the pain, the uncomfortableness and then move on.

So just remember…Feeling resistance means you’re doing what drives your soul. Feel the feeling and take the next step. 

Photo by Chris Militzer