Jennifer Vazquez

How To Become A Superstar In Your Life…

Happy Music Monday Ya’ll! Ok, let’s talk about integrity. This tool is so powerful. By becoming aware of it, and starting to apply it, you will become a superstar in your life. Join me… 

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Ok, so I wrote this out and wanted to share it with you…

Becoming a Super Star in your life. Cutting through resistance (Pro vs Amateur).
We resist what we want the most. If it means anything to us we are gonna find resistance knocking at our door. The way to get past resistance is showing up every day and walking through the pain until it dissipates. It actually gets stronger when we start living more clearly into our vision, but we are able to walk through it better, and so, we can keep moving forward, growing into our lives as a full person. It’s a choice we have every single day. I would rather deal with resistance every day and get passed it, then sit in worry, stress, doubt, confusion, judgment and blame.


The way to cut through the day to day resistance is to stay in integrity and also follow “The 24 Hour Rule”. For me, this means I get back to people within 24hours. I also create healthy boundaries around this rule. I set my priorities: Spirituality, Health & Fitness, Family, Career and Work. By doing this, I can maintain order in my mind, body and soul. I can be a complete individual. It keeps me serene and calm. It washes away a lot of questions cause I’m closing cases, so to speak, on a daily basis, eliminating any clutter in my day to day living, so I stay clear. That’s the goal. To create clarity because clarity is serenity, and serenity is powerful!

1. Integrity: The importance of it and the power in it. Knowing your limits and setting your boundaries 24 hours at a time.
2. Treating others how you’d like to be treated.
3. Play Tennis: Test the waters and see who returns the ball.
4. Throwing out the word “Networking”: Replace “Networking” with “Building My Tribe,” “Growing My Community” and Finding My “Little Rascals” Crew – A broad range of people that compliment each other.
5. Trust, Loyalty, Respect, Authentic: People want to be around people they trust and feel comfortable with.

And since I was unable to sing during this Facebook LIVE chat, here’s the official lyric music video for my song…