Jennifer Vazquez

How To Clearly Map Out Your Vision…

Happy Wishlist Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great week. So, in today’s recap from my facebook LIVE’s, I talk about how to clearly map out your vision. Oh, and my voice got better, I lost it for a bit, so I get to sing you my song “Rocked” in the chat too. Join me… 

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Mapping Your Vision:

1. Find out what your vision is. Journal about what things you can see yourself doing without the care of being paid for it. What do you love to do already that you have a knack for? 

2. When you find your vision, start mapping! It may change as you explore and map it out.

3. Map backwards. Start at the end and work your way back to the beginning. 

4. Visualize what you NEED verses what you WANT. Map it out. BE VERY SPECIFIC.

5. Stick to your side of the street. Let go of what’s none of your business.

6. Consistently check in with yourself. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly)

7. Regroup, Adjust the Sails and Repeat the Process. 

YAS…..  there ya have it. Now go have some fun mapping out your vision!