Jennifer Vazquez Jennifer Vazquez’s album, “bend” by Catherine L. Tully

Quote: “She has the charisma that makes a star.”

Five seconds into this CD, I knew I would like it. Jennifer Vazquez has the kind of voice that is crystal clear with a purity that is rarely heard. I loved the title track.

In the second track, I heard hints of Natalie Merchant whispering around in Vazquez’s voice. There is something about this woman that makes you like her, not just as a singer, but as a person. She has the charisma that makes a star. It was amazing to me that it shone through just through listening to her CD. I would love to see her perform live.

The lyrics on the album are good — a blend of simple with a touch of unusual — like track four, “He’s Like Strawberry Milk.”

He’s like strawberry milk when you were a child

He’s like the perfect purple gray sunset you haven’t seen in a long while

He’s how you feel when you’re totally at ease …

He’s like what you went through when you were in love at 16

Ah ah, Ah ah, My Strawberry Milk Man …

I like it when words conjure up a feeling or a mood like that.

I hope this lady goes places. Take a listen and see if you don’t feel the charisma pouring out of the speakers like I did.

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