Jennifer Vazquez

Jen’s New Album Is Coming… Official Release Date Announced!

The New Album Is Coming on May 11th! 

Mark your calender! It’s been two years plus since I thought about getting back in the studio to record a new album. The journey has been pretty awesome! Many of you here have been following the whole journey. I am grateful to those of you here who donated to my Rockethub campaign back in 2015 which allowed me to start the recording process. The album was only supposed to be a 6 song EP, but somehow, it’s now become an entire album!

During the process of figuring out everything from A to Z around the album, I found myself with an opportunity to tour Sweden and did that right before beginning the recording process. That tour inspired me to write many new songs and a few even made it on the album. I also had the chance, during the making of the album, to record in both New Orleans and Austin to explore a different vibe, and grab a new energy and a fresh outlook for the songs.

And today, as I continue to complete the final stages of locking down the album, I am so happy to announce that the official release date for the new album is Thursday, May 11th! So, mark it down and stay tuned…