Jennifer Vazquez

October’s In Session: What’s Jen Been Up To?

Hope Ya’ll had a fabulous September! Let’s jump right in and get ya up to speed… 

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Growing’ Pains…

Here’s a new song Chelsea Mazur and I wrote. It’s a very rough demo. I thought you’d like to hear it!

2xxFM Spotlight

Last month I was a spotlight artist on Madonna Barr’s radio station in Australia.

Back To The Basics!

Been enjoying going back to my roots, buskin’ on the streets of downtown Nashville.


Testing Out New Songs… 

I played a few new songs at Lightning 100’s Writer’s Night at The Family Wash last Wednesday, and also got a chance to test a few more out at a writer’s round I was in at the Commodore Grille.

Musicians On Call 

Got the chance to make some new friends and meet some of the MOC family here in Nashville since moving from NY. They had their annual appreciation night for all us musician volunteers and guides. 

Until Next Month…

Some food for thought for October’s journey ahead.

Love & Light,