Jennifer Vazquez

Powerful Tools To Pump Up Your Day!

It’s Feel Good Friday Ya’ll! Ok, so today’s recap is a perfect example of what to do when things that you mapped out don’t quite go the way you planned. Answer… Go with the flow, right?! And I share a few powerful tools that you can apply to your day to day routine so you can continue moving towards an abundant way of living. And I’ll be singing my song “I Believe”. Join me… 

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Compare and Despair: Stick to your side of the street. Stick to what matters. The internal voice tells us something is wrong. We start to look over to the other side of the street which starts the cycle of compare and despair. As we learn to stick to our side of the street, abundance can flow in. That is how we stay focused. When we step out of the present, we simply recognize it, then shift gears and get back to our vision and focus on what matters, taking actions, one step at a time.

There Are No Mistakes: As a kid, I was in fear of making mistakes. As I got older, I recognized that the more I experienced, the more I learned. The more I learned, the more opportunities were there; able to be presented to me. It’s about walking through 50 doors to get to door 51; the door opportunity will knock on. But first, you gotta get through those 50. So, taking action is key. Pondering is stagnant. Learning to let go of the results and keep taking risks is the way to succeed at your vision.

Fear of Confrontation: There was this guy of facebook who’s roommate kept turning off the air-conditioner while he was being sweated out of his room/ music studio. He reached out and asked what people would do. I responded and said it’s all in how you communicate. It’s the words we choose to use that will allow for a successful interaction. Learning how to communicate and make decisions is a big key to success. What stops us from communicating is fear; fear of rejection, looking bad and how we think the other person will react. The key to having an effective conversation is to never point the finger at the person; to never make that person wrong for what they are doing. Instead, you can choose words like, “I feel”, to allow the person to enter your world and at the same time continue to respect theirs. This allows them to feel comfortable and not react, but rather, talk to you about the situation. Humbling yourself and asking for what you need without being mean or rude is the way to go! You will always have to be “the better man” in these situations and taking that step will create an abundant experience, one you would never had thought could occur. Why? Well, because you chose to let go of what could happen and just took the action, using the empowered words and sticking to your feelings and sharing them, rather than be reactive and hurtful. 

In today’s society, there is a loss of communication with the younger generation. Teaching children at a young age how to communicate is the most effective way to shift the way we treat others on a day to day basis. Once the fear of confrontation is lifted, effective conversations can occur. As we get into the other person’s head space, we can see another side of the picture and approach them in a nurturing and helpful mind set rather than presenting them with a defensive and reactive state of being.