“Jennifer Vazquez is a pop diva in the making who presents rock-tinged pop that is radio ready now.”  ~Music Connection

“There is something about this woman that makes you like her, not just as a singer, but as a person.  She has the charisma that makes a star.”

“…the earnest lyrics and warm melodies that characterize her songwriting could impress Nashville publishers.”  ~Music Connection

“You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to hear Jennifer Vazquez. If you do, you will be missing one of the most talented performers to hit the scene in recent history.”  ~BVS Reviews

“…truly a diamond in the L.A. sand.”  ~Cyhndi Mora

“Bend” and “Nothing Without You” both feature snappy rhythms and showcases Jennifer’s wide vocal range and emotion….she is a dynamic vocalist and her band is first rate. ~Kweevak Music


zap2it-logo  (Oct 20, 2014)

Zap2it Interviews Nicole Gomez Fisher around “Sleeping With The Fishes” 

“Now that “Sleeping With the Fishes” is getting a video release, what are you working on as a follow up to your first feature? Right now I just finished a music video I directed for Jennifer Vazquez, who has the final end call song in “Fishes.” That’s probably going to come out just after Thanksgiving.”

The TV Addict: (October 4, 2014)

The TV Addict interviews  Nicole Gomez Fisher around “Sleeping with the Fishes” and Alexis Fish, played by Gina Rodriguez. Nicole Gomez Fisher says, “At the moment I’m in the middle of pre-production on two other projects; one being a music video for singer-songwriter Jennifer Vazquez whose song “Getting Out of My Own Way” is featured in FISHES..”. (March 28, 2013) 

Jennifer Vazquez recently performed at the Big Apple Music Series, which is a monthly music and networking industry event. The event features the hottest independent pop, country, rock, and top 40 acts in the country. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, and Bruce Springsteen are among the few who have performed there. The event is held at Gibson Studios in New York City.

The talented and unique, Jennifer Vazquez, who is a mixture of pop, folk-rock, with a hint of country is set to debut Stilettos-n-Steel on April 11th, 2013 at Pianos. This is one of her newest duet projects featuring Jason Waters.  Read the full article here:

Jennifer Vazquez (Country-inflected Folk-Rock Singer-Songwriter) was also chosen to perform at it’s second event on Feb 21st 2013! This event  took two years to get off the ground. Jon Landers is the founder. The series is being co-produced by Brian Jaccoma of


John Braheny (Songwriting and music business consultant and coach)

“Jennifer hired me as a music consultant to offer career direction. This is what professionals do, and she IS a professional. Among the principle “X Factors” for success as a writer/performer, aside from exceptional talent, are a non-stop work ethic and the ability to roll with the punches. I’ve witnessed her persist through the adversity and rejection that all artists face no matter how brilliant they are. Jennifer’s music reflects the way she approaches life, with diligence, high standards, a positive attitude and love. She can be counted on to deliver those attributes wherever she performs.”

Lisa Linehan (Senior Associate at The Dubrof Group)

“Jennifer is a consummate artist — skillful and seasoned. Not only is she musically talented, but she also pays attention to detail in managing her business. Jennifer is the real deal — with staying power and dedication to her work.”

ASTROLITARIAN: Taurus Woman Cancer Man Song  (February 13, 2013)

Jennifer, as a musician, was kind enough to jot down few words to patch up a song for this match. Check out the first song ever written by a Taurus woman for a Cancer man! This is history ladies!


This summer, I had the pleasure of chatting with Bronx-native, Jennifer Vazquez, about her refreshing views on music, her experiences, and expectations of the performance community…



Produced by James Kinney Live and Gig Maven
Jennifer Vazquez won the singer, songwriter competition, Demo Tape, produced by James Kinney Live and Gig Maven on May 9, 2011.  It was held at Ella Lounge in NYC for the span of 5 weeks.  She received a cash prize of $500 plus a paid gig at The Royalton Hotel.

ANOTHER GREAT VOICE FOUND (2010) at Jennifer’s Reviews

“You know how I like to find unique sounds, passion in what a person does and talent … well here is another musician that is not mainstream but is very much worth a listen and a trip to go out and see…  (Read full article here: Another Great Voice Found)

BVS REVIEWS: Bruce Von Stiers

A few times recently I have gotten music that was hard to describe. Once such instance is the album titled Bend I received a while back. The album is from Jennifer Vazquez. The music from this album ranges from country flavored to folk and rock. I have classified the album as folk rock but that doesn’t quite do it justice. Jennifer has so much variation in her songs that it is really hard to put her music into just one category.

Jennifer is from California by way of the Bronx in New York . In other words, she grew up in the Bronx then took a musical journey that eventually landed her on the West Coast. She plays at venues like The Mint on Pico Blvd in L.A. She has been listed on the list of Southern California ‘s top unsigned artists for three consecutive years. And magazines such as Music Connection Magazine have done articles featuring Jennifer.

On Bend, Jennifer does the vocals and plays the acoustic guitar. She is backed up by Gregg Sartiano on bass, electric, acoustic and twelve string guitars. Gregg also provides the percussion on the album. Lauren Stalnecker plays the keys and mandolin. Lauren also plays lead guitar on a couple of songs. Anthony Cappolino is on electric guitar and Jeau James in on lead guitar. David Palmer is the drummer and most of the keys are done by Jason Allen. You might recognize Stalnecker’s name; he was the frontman for the Lauren Vision drug awareness program.

Bend has 13 songs and lasts 52 and a half minutes. It was produced by Lauren Stalnecker.

The title track, Bend , is first up on the album. It is a great piece to start the album. It shows how sultry Jennifer’s vocals are. And when she cranks up the chorus, you can’t help but become an instant fan. The song has some great background music in it as well.

Second up is Nothing Without You. It has a bluesy country feel, with a little bit of pop jazz thrown in.

Cyhndi Mora of Music Connection Magazine compares Jennifer to the likes of Natalie Merchant and The Cranberries. I’d go along with that, throwing a little bit of Martina McBride and Cheryl Crow in as well.

Several reviewers have mentioned the fourth track, He’s Like Strawberry Milk, as one of the best songs on the album. The music on the song provides a perfect backdrop for great vocals. The song is about a guy who is so unbelievable that “he’s like strawberry milk when you were a child”

Running Out of Time is another good song. The vocals are strong and the music terrific. I don’t think that Jennifer could have put together a better band to back up her wonderful vocals and guitar playing.

Almost To California, I’m No Saint and My Stepping Stone are also standout songs on the album.

You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to hear Jennifer Vazquez. If you do, you will be missing one of the most talented performers to hit the scene in recent history.

Jennifer has clips from Bend on her web site. There are also a couple of videos available to watch too. If you like what you see and hear, the site has a link to CD Baby, where you can buy a copy of Bend .


The Players: Jennifer Vazquez, guitar, lead vocals; Jon Poli, drums; David Lane, bass; Joseph John, keyboards, vocals; Larry Marciano, electric guitar; Mara, vocals.

Material: Jennifer Vazquez has honed her craft on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade, and was at The Mint this night to celebrate the release of her new CD Bend. Her songs relate to her travels and experiences since she left New York. Vazquez shines on “You & Me,” a gift she wrote when her best friend had a baby, as well as her most unique love song, “He’s Like Strawberry Milk.”

Musicianship: Vazquez gathered a dynamic group around her for this special performance. Marciano and Lane are impressive, although, at times, Marciano is a little overpowering. Poli’s drums are steady and lay down a perfect foundation. As always, Mara’s background vocals add a great dimension to those of Vazquez. Equally impressive, both acoustically and electronically, is Vazquez’s voice. Her strong vocals provide the perfect touch to complement her excellent songwriting and arranging skills.

Performance: Despite a relatively uncooperative crowd that acted as if they were in an informal coffee house, rather than a great venue known for its musical legacy, Vazquez still maintained an excellent stage presence. This songbird’s sense of humor helped to set her apart and was reflected in the songs, which often broached difficult situations with a light-hearted twist. Vazquez’s final number, “Don’t Make Me Say Good Bye,” was very appropriate and a perfect ending to a dynamic showcase of talent.

Summary: Jennifer Vazquez is a pop diva in the making who presents rock-tinged pop that is radio- ready now. She offers simple, yet profound, songs that reflects her coming of age after paying her dues on the streets of New York and Los Angeles.

INDIE-MUSIC.COM: Jennifer Vazquez’s album, “bend” By Catherine L. Tully 

Quote: “She has the charisma that makes a star.”

Five seconds into this CD, I knew I would like it. Jennifer Vazquez has the kind of voice that is crystal clear with a purity that is rarely heard. I loved the title track.

In the second track, I heard hints of Natalie Merchant whispering around in Vazquez’s voice. There is something about this woman that makes you like her, not just as a singer, but as a person. She has the charisma that makes a star. It was amazing to me that it shone through just through listening to her CD. I would love to see her perform live.

The lyrics on the album are good — a blend of simple with a touch of unusual — like track four, “He’s Like Strawberry Milk.”

He’s like strawberry milk when you were a child
He’s like the perfect purple gray sunset you haven’t seen in a long while
He’s how you feel when you’re totally at ease …
He’s like what you went through when you were in love at 16
Ah ah, Ah ah, My Strawberry Milk Man …

I like it when words conjure up a feeling or a mood like that.
I hope this lady goes places. Take a listen and see if you don’t feel the charisma pouring out of the speakers like I did.


Jennifer Vazquez – Bend: Jennifer Vazquez is a guitarist, producer, songwriter and vocalist.  Jennifer grew up in Bronx, NY singing in the band Blush before moving to California to persue her solo career.  Bend is Vazquez’s forth release in addition to a number of videos that are available on her website.  Jennifer writes poetic lyrics that she executes with passion and power.  Vazquez’s music is rock based, building around Jennifer’s acoustic in which she alternates between picking and strumming.  Her songs are varied using different textures and tempos.  Jennifer is a dynamic vocalist and her band is first rate.  The thirteen track CD opens with “Bend” and “Nothing Without You” both feature snappy rhythms and showcases Jennifer’s wide vocal range and emotion.  “He’s Like Strawberry Milk” starts off smooth and sultry pouring into the robust hook and flavorful, visual lyrics.  Jennifer Vazquez is a talented musician and her latest CD is captivating and telling!

MC’s “BEST KEPT SECRETS” by Cyndi Mora Music Connection Showcase The Gig / LA

Jennifer Vazquez has a warmth about her and poise that not only attracts some of the best local indie musicians as fans, but makes everyone at her shows feel at home and spoken to.  Her presence on stage is as accessible and friendly as her performance is professional and polished.  She really gets it across that she’s happy to see you, inviting you in for her heart-to-heart lyric blend of poetry and emotional wisdom delivered via her powerful dynamic vocal range, really belting without ever seeming to stretch or strain too far or loose it’s punch.  She seems to move effortlessly from an almost Cline-esque growl to Appalachian – flavored twists that remind me a little of Natalie Merchant or the Cranberries all while stylishly alternating her guitar picking and strumming, and creating a wall of sound that filled the club every bit as much as a full band and still balanced her vocals and guitar so you could hear every word and nuance.

Lyrically Jennifer has a story to tell and she makes no bones about breaking it all down for us.  She’s taken a hit or two to the chest but retained her own brand of hearty optimism and wisdom about her life and times, serving up poignant reminders that there’s always a hidden lining to what ever cloud you happen to be standing under at the time without coming off preachy or cliché.

Many of the songs she played tonight were from her new album, “Bend”, her hot off the presses full-band and full length release of exquisitely and tastefully produced snapshots from the heart told with an emotional wisdom and grace she seems far too young to possess, truly a diamond in the L.A. sand.

MUSIC CONNECTION CD REVIEW… J. Michael Dolan & E. Eric Bettelli

Multi-songwriting contest winner Vazquez has a full CD that showcases her husky vocals on tunes that are consistently optimistic and lyrically straightforward.  “Bend” explores compromise in relationships. “Nothing Without You” is a shameless pledge of love. “Rain Fall Down on Me” urges inspiration in the face of disappointment.  Though Vazquez is an able performer, the earnest lyrics and warm melodies that characterize her songwriting could impress Nashville publishers.

ARTIST OF THE MONTH… LA Local Music Scene: Eric Clark

Jennifer Vazquez is not a name that comes to mind when speaking about up ‘n coming Singer/Songwriters in Los Angeles.  I recently had the chance to catch her at a coffee house and was impressed with her soulful voice.  I was also impressed how she can sing with such innocence and purity.

Jennifer recently moved here from New York, and after her house burnt down and her car broke down she realized that a greater force is keeping her here. Read more about her long venture west and what keeps her ticking.

The LA Music Scene: Great Music at Sherman Oaks… Randy Simer

Jennifer Vazquez was the final act that I saw this night, because it was getting darn late and I needed my beauty sleep.  She’s a new arrival to Los Angeles from New York and we’re glad to have her.  Definitely in the female folk tradition, Jennifer is a strong singer and writer.  A standout in her set was a song called “Almost To California”.  Not only is it a well crafted song, but I’m always a sucker for songs about our great state.


I was on the 3rd st Promenade in LA when I heard this girl singing.  She was so good, I just bought her cd on a whim… the cd is awesome.  I play it constantly.  It has a good beat and her voice is great too.  The songs are catchy and upbeat.  I would definitely recommend it!