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September News: What’s Jen Been Up To?

Hey Ya’ll!

Wow, can you believe August is over? What a month it was! I hope you all got to experience the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. I spent it at Natchez Hill Winery here in Nashville, where they had a lovely event to celebrate it’s arrival and departure.  It was absolutely breathtaking and so surreal. I feel very blessed to have had this experience, as I am sure many of you feel the same.  

So, what’s been happening these past few weeks? Let’s get ya up to speed, shall we?  

My Next Performance

For ya’ll that are in Nashville, I’ll be playing Monday, September 25th at 9pm at The Commodore Grill in a writers round. Come join me!   

Commodore Grill

Monday, September 25th (Writers Round: 9pm – 10pm) 


“Rediscovering Me” – New Review By Bruce Von Stiers

I’m excited to announce a new review just came in for the new album, “Rediscovering Me”. Feel free to check it out by clicking below…

BVS REVIEWS “Rediscovering Me”

Last Month’s Snapshots

Last Sunday’s gig at Belcourt Taps with Nick DeLeo and Amanda Cooksey was such a good time. Nashville is just filled with so many talented songwriters. It’s great when you find those you gel well with, and then get to invite them into your round! 

New Songs Brewing

So, this past month I’ve been writing with a few folks; one of them is Chelsea Mazur. We just finished up a song called “Growing Pains”. After we edit it a bit more, I’ll be sure to include a rough recording of it in one of these updates!  

Chelsea Mazur & I

 Gigs That Make You Go YAS!

 Got to play a last minute gig two weeks back in Gallatin, TN. It was one of those gigs where at first I felt like the crowd was never gonna pay attention because of the environment I was playing in. But then, after much tender loving care and lots of patience, the crowd and I became best friends, and the night ended up being abundant in so many ways! 

My Favorite Hang 

So, one of my favorite places to hang in East Nashville is at The Family Wash. Last Wednesday I decided to sign up for their weekly writers round with Lightning 100. I’ll definitely be going back for another one! 

Music Monday – Wishlist Wednesday- Feel Good Friday 

I hope ya’ll have been enjoying and learning from the recaps I’ve been posting on my Facebook Community Page. The tools I’ve been sharing have truly helped me stay grounded and balanced on a day to day basis. Please feel free to bookmark my Journal Page so you can scroll down and check out the posts for these tools whenever you have time. I just want others to have the opportunity to create an abundant life for themselves and this seems like a great way to contribute to your abundance. Hope you get something from it all… 

Latest Press

Since the release of the new album, “Rediscovering Me”, on May 11, 2017, there’s been a few reviews that have come out. Thought I’d share them all in one place this month. I’m very grateful for all these lovely reviews so far. You never do know what people’s take will be. It makes me happy to know that this album that took two years to create is being received positively. 

BVS Reviews (September 2017)

Music Connection Magazine (July 2017)

Nuts About Country (June 2017) 

Indie Voice Blog (May 2017)

Till next month, I leave ya with this…