Jennifer Vazquez

The Answers Are Right At Our Fingertips…

It’s Feel Good Friday Ya’ll! I hope you are finding empowerment in all these Facebook LIVE recaps. So, today I wanna share about appreciating the present moment and all that we already have in our life. Here we go… 

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What’s Inside Of Us: Let’s talk about what’s inside of us already. What’s in our present moment? Not going outside and thinking we are unfulfilled. These chat sessions are all about you and all about creating abundance and about creating a life that you love to live. And in appreciating what we have, there are ways to stick to that frame of mind each day.

It’s A Give and Take: I keep thinking about the words we put in our head and the words that we speak aloud and how we get things in our life in return from that internal and external conversation. So it’s a give and take. If we send out good energy, good thoughts, empowered goals that are for the good of others, then what comes back in return is pretty much the same thing. And if you can start looking at it that way, then life starts becoming fluid, and even with all the challenges, life starts to get pretty amazing.

Accessing the Community You Already Have: Finding your online and offline community is key. I didn’t have the community I needed in NY, so I moved to Nashville and started over. And now, I am accessing the “in person community”, as well as the “online communities” on facebook, twitter and instagram, to name a few, to broaden my community. The most important thing to get here is that you have everything you need in your community to grow and enhance your life and career. So find your community and then build what you want there. You don’t have to go so far out to try to find what you already have. Eventually, you will stretch far and wide to broaden the impact you have created in your community thus far.

I have met many people online and it’s been great to see others doing what they love. Paul, in Florida, for instance, takes such lovely photos and posts them almost daily. Those photos always put me in a good mood. This community online is a wonderful way to stretch outward in the future, going to different states, possibly, to share my music and my tools.

The Story Behind “So Perfectly”: The song I’m gonna sing has to do with thinking you had to go so far to find the miracle in your life, and then you get that when you return to “home”, it’s there where the miracle appears. And in this song, the person is struggling for so long and finally finds the perfect miracle right in front of her, when she returns home; right where her community originally was.

My Goal: My goal is to be here for you guys; to be a stand for you to have an abundant life; for you to have what it is you want. There’s no reason you can’t have it all. Yes, life is challenging, but there are there are little pockets of life where things are amazing and golden. And we’ve got to hold onto those golden moments, and those amazing moments, and use what we have inside of us. These tools I’m sharing with you are all things you can use daily to get you through the moments that aren’t so amazing.

But the thing is, even on those not so great days, you’re still living an amazing life if you stay focused on what you already have inside of you, and not think that there’s something missing. I gotta say that since venturing into these weekly live chat sessions, I’m finding my community more here in Nashville, by helping you guys stretch your muscles. And I truly want the best for you all. Why can’t we all be happy. I mean it’s not a love fest, but why can’t it be a love fest. I shoulda been living in the 60’s.

Our Parents Are Pretty Amazing: And let’s chat about my mom and how amazing she is. She’s provides me with so much. And I think the greatest thing about a child and their parent, or a mother and a daughter, or a father and a son, is that we as children get to grow up and then take care of our parents and teach our parents. It’s a role reversal of sorts. That’s the most beautiful thing.

And that’s also where the community comes together, from young to old, where we can embrace and support one another’s journey and take in how much there is to be learned from a 12 year old to a 90 year old, both equally as important. It’s all how you look at it.

Ask questions, find out about the history that’s right next to you. Our parents are pretty amazing in so many ways, if we dig deep and explore what they’ve been through. It’s all about taking in, access, and using all that we already have in our community.