Jennifer Vazquez

What Keeps You Doing What You Want To Do?

What is it that keeps you wanting to do what you do? Is it that you wanna make a lot of money? Is it for the “Fame”? Is it that you believe you can touch, move and inspire others from what you provide?

I’ve found over the past 20 years that I’ve been a singer/ songwriter, musician and tourist artist, that the answer has changed from money and fame to being of service to others. It’s all a growing process and I’ve found that it takes time to really get why you are here on Earth. Once you can settle into the answer to, “Why am I here?”, everything else becomes a step by step process towards that.

What I find most rewarding at this point in my songwriting career is touching others hearts, making people think about their own lives, and inspiring them to move forward, no matter what obstacle comes their way. Since I’ve been there and done that, I know it’s not easy, but move forward we must.

The way I find I can touch, move and inspire others is by sharing my day to day, month to month, year to year, decade to decade journey. I believe when time and space can be measured over long periods, people trust the process and trust you. They see where you began over 20 years ago, and they become inspired by your persistence, your will, your drive, your hopeful energy. They begin to take a foot in the direction of their hidden goals and visions.

I challenge each of you to focus on what you truly provide others in your life. Then, apply that quality to what it is you’re already perusing. Authentic measures become KING. You’re merely the messenger. Stay true to you. Stay humble. And start to grow a positive and uplifting empire around your journey and let others enjoy and be touched by your beautiful self.

And… The money will come… when you allow that door to open. One step at a time… It takes courage. It take faith. It takes constant steps forward…