Jennifer Vazquez

What’s Been Going On Since Jen’s Move From NY To Nashville?

Where to begin? I cannot believe it’s already been almost three months since the big move from NY to Nash! While I miss my family and friends; starting over is never easy, I am so grateful for the opportunity to begin a new life in a place that feels like home. My favorite thing about Nashville? Shelby Bottoms, hands down! It’s that calm place I can go to a few times a week, when the weather allows, to regroup, gather my thoughts, take time to breathe in all that’s happening and capture some amazing photos all at once. And may I add that I absolutely love living in East Nashville, it’s so close to everything. The eateries and music venues are pretty amazing. I feel quite blessed to have found a place close to what I love the most; great songwriting and yummy food!

So, I have been co-writing with a few folks in Nashville the past two months. It’s been a great experience. I am stretching my writing skills and musicianship each week. There is so much to learn here and I’m most definitely feeling those growing pains that happen when one starts over in life. I remind myself each day that the journey I am on is all new and unpredictable; I ground myself in meditation and self-care. Most important, I practice lots of love, tolerance and patience and stay the course as I move forward at a steady pace.

So, you’re gonna notice, if you’re a regular visiting my site, that it’s looking different. I have changed over much of the look. And there’s more to come with my new album release in May! I invite ya’ll to keep coming back, check out new journal posts, new photos, watch some videos, and most of all check back for news on the new album as its release nears. I’m excited to share a lot of new music with you!

Until then, I leave ya’ll with and handful of good energy, and a few snapshots I took these past few weeks during my walks through Shelby Bottoms. See ya’ll back here soon… xoxo