Jennifer Vazquez

Why Is Having Awareness A Game Changer?

Happy Music Monday! Ok, today I want to share the talk I had earlier in May about awareness.

What is awareness? Well, it’s knowledge of a situation or fact. It’s consciousness. It’s recognition. Having awareness is key to moving through the past to get to the present without concerning yourself with the future. Awareness brings you into the present. It’s a game changer. It’s life changing. So join me in this LIVE chat discussion and get ready to live a full and abundant life…

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Why do people avoid being aware?
1. Its confronting.
2. It’s scary.

What does avoiding awareness look like?
Blaming others.
Judging others.
Making excuses.

What’s the root to the problem?
Internal baggage we are unaware of. We carry it around like a backpack. It’s like a 50 pound backpack we walk around with and then wonder why we are so exhausted in our day to day life. Until we see the backpack, we cannot shift our way of thought nor move through our habits we created to protect us from getting hurt. Until we see that backpack, we are stuck in insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Try this:

1. Write down 5 habits you have. (No judgement. Just be honest.)
2. How does that habit effect you in day to day life? (Positive or Negatively)
3. How does that habit effect others that come into contact with you daily?
    (Positive or Negatively)

NOW: Which one are you willing to give up? That’s the beginning of how to shift into a healthy way of thinking and living. It takes willingness, courageous and honesty.  You can do this!