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November 5, 2018

Jen’s November News: Two Year Anniversary, Gigs, Music Video, Facebook Messenger, Personal Message & Quote

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October 4, 2018

Check Out October’s Update : Jen’s gigs, Live Video Series, Uplifting Words & More!

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September 11, 2018

Jen’s September Update: Upcoming Gigs, New “Live Video Series” & More…

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New Album "Rediscovering Me" Out Now

Like every great film, the build of the story is what allows the audience to connect fully to every part of the journey and embrace each character that’s revealed, at just the right time, so by the time the screen goes blank and the credits roll, all you wanna do is watch it over, from beginning to end, again and again and again. That’s what “Rediscovering Me” can be compared to. If you’re a lover of music and great storytelling,  this is a must to be added to your timeless album collection. It’s not about the individual songs as much as it is about the story as a whole. Every song unfolds smoothly into the next.  

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About Jennifer Vazquez

Sixteen-time ASCAPlu$ Award Winner Jennifer Vazquez is an infectious triple threat: inspirational singer/songwriter, vibrant musician, and illustrious performer. Her sound and energy resonates three fold with pop, folk-rock and country audiences worldwide. Jennifer’s long awaited album, “Rediscovering Me”, produced by Wren Lemieux, is out now. It is a documentation of her adventures and journey over the past ten years. Jennifer’s single, “Getting Out Of My Own Way,” produced by Ron Zabrocki, can be heard at the end title crawl of the hit comedy, “Sleeping With The Fishes.” It stars Golden Globe Winner, Gina Rodriguez, along with Ana Ortiz and is currently running on HBO internationally. With the help of award winning directors, Nicole Gomez Fisher and Neem Basha, Jennifer shot a music video for “Getting Out Of My Own Way,” her words and music telling a captivating and unforgettable story on the screen. There is no question the tie that binds Jennifer to her fans is unbreakable. The internal rhythms and introspective soul searching of her songs provide an instant a-ha moment with every person that crosses her path. “She knows how to convey true passion in her songs so the listener cannot only hear it, but feel it as[…]

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The Living Room [Alabama]

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Lightning 100 Spotlight

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